About Us

Welcome to Shree Dauji Maharaj Degree Collage

Established in year 2012, Shree Dauji Maharaj Degree Collage is an institute or study point for the youth, has students of varying backgrounds from different parts of the city.Shree Dauji Maharaj Degree College provides an environment that encourages a questioning mind and gives students many avenues for expressing their creativity and building their skills.

Our sewage treatment system and our commitment to planting the Collage with local flora and trees are worth appreciating. Careful recycling practices within the Collage ensure that we help the environment rather than add to its depletion. Separate rest room facilities for boys and girls, reverse osmosis plant for drinking water help students keep hygienic.

A sprawling lush green locale provides an environment that is conducive to meet the intellectual pursuits and holistic development of all its students who come here to study, to build, to dream, to find their bearing and to blossom into balanced and responsible citizens of the country. It is a path breaker in pursuit of excellence . In lieu of its aim to provide a positive learning environment.

Shree Dauji Maharaj Degree Collage has evolved as one of the premier educational institutions of the country. With ‘education’ acquiring new connotations and spanning wider dimensions, the Collage is alive to the challenge of moulding a new generation of students into a genre of well integrated personalities equipped with the life skills necessary to take up future challenges. Empowering every student and building his/her understanding forms an integral part of the Collage system. Shree Dauji Maharaj Degree Collage has burgeoned into a multi disciplinary institution, offering various facilities to impart diverse skills, in tune with the requirements of the modern world.


Our vision is 'teaching to make a difference'. We strive to make a significant difference in the lives of individuals. We also leave no stone unturned to explore developing skills of the student to be a future leader. We want leaders who are truly committed to making a difference. Our vision is to function as a premiere organization of management education. Shree Dauji maharaj Degree College would accommodate the distinctive needs of all genres of students by continually developing new ways to improve programs and educational delivery systems using the latest technologies for the promotion of management education in India. Our vision is also to provide quality, career focused education and world class specializations, providing the bridge to a global society. Also to impart vibrant, innovative and global education and to make Shree Dauji Maharaj Degree College a leader in terms of excellence in education, research and to serve the nation.


To create a center of excellence in the field of quality Education. Preparing professionals who shall be the leader in the innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. For this desire we focus on Excellence through team work, Learning to learn continuously, Developing leadership, entrepreneurs with value, vision and versatility, ensuring curriculum relevance to industry through a three way interactive process :- Student, Faculty, Industry.