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Computer Lab

The computer lab provides computer and internet facilities to students and college staff in our college. Computers in computer labs are typically equipped with internet access, while scanners and printers may augment the lab setup.The computer lab has regularly updates the IT facilities such as hardware, software and networking as per the requirements. The authorized license copies of Windows XP and MS office pro plus-2019 are upgraded.

Physics Lab

We understand the need of state-of-the-art laboratory for physics with updated and calibrated equipments for inquisitive students who are willing to create new collective knowledge and foster the next generation of scientific leaders.The Physics lab is designed as per International standards with table tops made of epoxy resin and phenolic resin making them robust and chemical resistant. The furniture are created keeping the Indian physique in mind and the drawers and doors are made for soft closing especially designed for young students. We harness the best of modern technology to support the intellectual curiosity of our students and faculty and to bestow best laboratory experience.

Chemistery Lab

Chemistry laboratory is a place where students either are extremely playful or very scared of using chemicals. Prakash College has state-of-the-art Chemistry lab that lets you sat it your curiosity by moving the students in the correct direction. The equipments are all calibrated for zero error. The table tops are made of epoxy resin and phenolic resin and can withstand the hardest chemical and leaves no marks or reactions on surface. The lab is created to be fire resistant and handle any kind of mishap. The heights and widths of the furniture are all created keeping in mind the Indian physique of students. All the drawers and cupboards doors are made for soft closing. The windows and environmental friendly lighting are especially designed keeping in mind visibility. Our laboratories with advanced equipments and facilities aid and stimulate our students for them to learn best with practical knowledge. It empowers them with better comprehension and moves their inquisitiveness in the correct direction.

About Us

Established in year 2012, Shree Dauji Maharaj Degree College is an institute or study point for the youth, has students of varying backgrounds from different parts of the city.Shree Dauji Maharaj Degree College provides an environment that encourages a questioning mind and gives students many avenues for expressing their creativity and building their skills.

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